Monday, September 2, 2013

Our First Week: Aug. 27 - 30


Our first day of school started with having to spend about 2 hours in homeroom. While we had to take care of important business, I couldn't wait to see you guys in class!

Each class period was about 25 minutes, and we played a great "get to know you" game using M&M's.

Each students had a mini bag of M&M's. One at a time, they drew out a color, shared the corresponding color info with their partner, then got to eat their M&M! It was a fun way to start the school year and learn a little more about our new classmates.


Wednesday was our first full class period. We talked about our class expectations, and everyone posted their thoughts on questions that set up how we treat one another in class.

When we were finished with this activity, I gave a quick orientation to our classroom library, and students checked out books.


Today we had our first library visit where everyone met the new librarian, Mrs. Osborne, and received a library orientation. To help students get familiar with the library layout and some of the books there, we built spine poetry with partners. Poetry is our first "unit" in class, so this gave up a little bit of practice with creating our own poetry!

When students were finished, we snapped a quick picture of their creation to share on our class Instagram account before everyone set off to check out a book. 

Many students ended up checking out a title they used to build their poetry!


Today we started setting up our interactive notebooks (INBs). We set up our table of contents, and I explained how I set mine up a little differently by using a two page spread instead of numbering left-odd, right-even. We glued in our Books Read charts and created our Want To Read chart. Our INBs are the most important tool that we use in class, and next week we will personalize and decorate the covers to make them our own!

*** *** ***

We had a great first week, and I can't wait to grow together this year!

Be Brave...You Matter!

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  1. I've just added your blog to my bloglist! I enjoyed this update on your week, the book spine poetry (awesome stuff), and I'm definitely going to have to remember the M&M game for our first day next year.